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Nursing Home Neglect

If you have placed your elderly or ill loved one into a nursing home or long-term care facility in order to provide them with the oversight, medical attention and stimulation that they need and that you are unable to provide, then you are counting on the facility to provide that service in a consistent, compassionate and capable manner. Unfortunately, far too often nursing home staff is found to be negligent in their responsibilities to the patients in their care.

When patients are ignored or not provided with the attention that they need serious problems can arise. If you find your loved one is the victim of nursing home neglect, then you need the help of an experienced nursing home neglect lawyer.

The lawyers at Danziger & De Llano have been representing families fighting for the rights of their loved ones for over twenty years. Nursing home neglect takes many different forms, but all of them need to be corrected, and the guilty parties need to be held responsible for the harm that their lack of attention and proper care has caused. Call us today for information on how we can help get justice for your loved one.

Examples of Neglect

Nursing homes are supposed to provide a variety of different services to their residents. They are responsible for providing a clean, comfortable, safe environment that includes nursing care, pharmaceutical services, dietary and hygiene services.

This means that the patients need to be attended to socially and physically; their bedding needs to be changed, if they are bed-ridden they need to be moved in order to avoid pressure sores and bed sores, they need to be fed and their medication needs to be provided.

Nursing home staff is meant to do more than house their residents: they are to be in charge medically as well as to care for them and treat them with respect and dignity. But many nursing homes are understaffed or their staff does not care enough or has not had the proper training required to provide the services that they are there for. Failure to do so constitutes neglect, which can be medical or staff-related. Neglect includes:

  • Not responding to a medical need

  • Not providing the prescribed medication

  • Not providing the prescribed diet

  • Not calling a doctor about a problem

  • Not watching a patient and allowing them to wander

  • Not checking in on a patient and allowing them to get caught between mattress and bedrails

  • Not supervising a patient and allowing them to wander into unsafe areas or off premises

  • Not responding to a patient’s call button

  • Not changing a patient’s diaper or bedding when they’ve soiled themselves

  • Not providing interaction for the patient, leaving them alone

All of these examples are variations of nursing home neglect; residents of nursing homes deserve to be treated much better than this, and whoever is paying for their care is paying for more than this. If you have seen or suspect that someone you care for is being neglected in their nursing home or long-term care facility, call Danziger & De Llano today to make things right.

How Can a Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer Help?

Putting your loved one into the hands of strangers represents an enormous leap of faith, and when you find out that your trust has been betrayed and they have been the victim of negligence or abuse, you want to take immediate action – and you should.

In the most unfortunate cases, nursing home neglect can result in serious illness, injury or death. If you have the opportunity to get your loved one into a safer environment, do so immediately, but then call the nursing home neglect lawyers at Danziger & De Llano.

Nursing home patients are specifically protected against abuse and neglect by laws that have been set up for their protection, but nursing home staff and administrators often ignore these laws in the interest of expediency or profit.

By holding the owners of the nursing home responsible for the abusive action or negligence of their staff, the nursing home neglect lawyers at Danziger & De Llano are able to provide you with compensation to help pay for the costs incurred by your loved one’s injuries, as well as to send a loud and clear signal to the nursing home industry that neglect will not be tolerated.

Danziger & De Llano Pursues Neglectful Nursing Homes

The experienced lawyers at Danziger & De Llano are passionate about protecting the rights and pursuing compensation on behalf of those who have been unfairly and callously treated. We have spent the last twenty years working on behalf of those who have been taken advantage of, and we’ll do the same for you and your loved one who has been the victim of nursing home neglect. Call us today and let us get started by reporting elderly abuse against the nursing home and helping you and your loved one receive compensation..