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Abuse in Nursing Homes

As the population ages and adults find themselves unable to take on full time responsibility for the care of their loved ones, more and more elderly and infirm are being placed into long-term care facilities and nursing homes, and there is more reported abuse in these settings.

There are a variety of reasons being offered as to why the elderly are being subjected to abuse and neglect in locations that have been set up for their protection, and solutions are being worked on, but if you are the family member or friend of a nursing home resident, none of that matters.

You just want to make sure that your loved one is safe, and that if they aren’t then you want to get them into a better place and punish those responsible for their pain.

If you suspect or have evidence that your loved one has been a victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, call the experienced lawyers at Danziger & De Llano for help in filing a nursing home abuse lawsuit.

We will punish those who’ve let you and your loved one down, and make them pay the highest possible compensation for all medical expenses and damages.

Abuse in Nursing Homes is a Violation of Rights

Every resident of a nursing home is protected by laws and guidelines that have been established to make sure that they are well cared for and taken care of.  There are health and safety standards that must be met, and when violations of these standards occur, residents may come to harm.

Some violations constitute neglect, while others are considered abuse. Some of the most common situations that are cause for concern include:

  • Unexplained injuries such as broken bones and bruises

  • Unnecessary and harmful use of restraints, both physically and medically

  • Infections or blood poisoning (sepsis)

  • Pressure sores and bed sores

  • Patients found unattended and wandering (elopement)

  • Errors of medication

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Mental or emotional abuse

  • Unhygienic or unsanitary conditions

  • Neglect/failure to supervise and monitor

Nursing Home Employees are Underpaid, Overworked

It is difficult to understand how a facility that is being paid to provide care for those who need supervision and medical care could allow any of these situations to occur, particularly since the majority of nursing homes in the United States are operated for a profit.

But because the need for nursing home care is so great, these facilities are often understaffed, and the employees that they hire are not provided with the specialized training and education that working with an elderly population requires.

If your loved one has been the victim of abuse in a nursing home, the most important thing you can do is get them out of the unsafe situation as quickly as possible.

The experienced nursing home lawyers at Danziger & De Llano can help you protect them and file a nursing home abuse lawsuit to help you pay for any medical expenses that they may have suffered, as well as the cost of a better placement.

Neglect and Abuse in Nursing Homes

There are a number of different ways that residents of nursing homes can be victimized. These include physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect. Neglect is best described as a lack of proper attention being paid;

this can result in patients falling, wandering, not receiving adequate nutrition or liquids, not being bathed or having their hygienic needs addressed or receiving the medication that has been prescribed for them. In some cases, patients are overmedicated or restrained so that they do not require as much attention; in other cases their calls for help are ignored.

Abuse is a more aggressive and active problem. Nursing home residents are treated aggressively and improperly, often punched, pushed, slapped or choked by staff members who become frustrated or hostile. Those who live in nursing homes are often already in frail or compromised medical condition, and this type of behavior can have tragic results.

Unfortunately, the victims are often so terrorized that they are afraid to report the abuse; this is why it is so important that family members and friends remain vigilant and proactive on their behalf.

Danziger & De Llano fight for victims of Abuse in Nursing Homes

The lawyers at Danziger & De Llano have spent years representing nursing home neglect victims as well as their family members. Abuse in nursing homes can result in wrongful death or catastrophic injuries that are both difficult to recover from and expensive.

The nursing homes need to be held responsible for the injuries that happen on their watch; they accepted money for the care of your loved one and were negligent in their responsibilities. We can make them pay for the damage that’s been done – call us today for more information and to set up a free consultation.